Third Floor

As you step through the doors of the third floor you are met with a scene of disarray. Stone pews are scattered about the room, tossed casually aside. They seem out of place in this tower, the first pieces of furniture you have seen.

In the rooms center a box waits. Either a chest or an alter the stone structure stands to chest height and is decorated with beautiful carvings of angels. Claw marks mar the masterwork, tearing the faces of the carved figures and growing more intense at the boxes edge.

This room appears to be the source of the lava you have been dealing with. A natural rent in the wall of this room is spilling the stuff into a carved trough. It then runs to a hole, just before the alter, and spills to the floors below. The hole is just large enough to let the lava through, and you cannot see into the lower levels.

As you take another step inwards, hoping to investigate, the doors behind you slam shut. From the ramp a voice shakes the tower.

“Prope in porta!” It yells and a grinding sound fills the room. Lava quickly begins to pool, its entry to the lower levels closing.

You look for the source of the cry and see a demon covered in horns waiting on the ramp. He looms on elephantine feet, his skin violet and his eyes glowing red.


Kerrigor’s Room

Third Floor

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