The Abyss

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As the last giraffe falls you breathe a sigh of relief. While not particularly challenging enemies, they were an unpleasant surprise to wake to. There is no sign of the demon that brought you here, but as you take in your surroundings you see movement in the distance.

The sharp, craggy, bluff that you are on commands an excellent view of the surrounding area. The movement that you saw continues to shift to the west. A massive red-pink mound, travelling through the grassland with a jerking slide.

To the north a mountain juts into the sky, the dark stone exposing the bones of the world. Perched into the mountainside a keep of black stone is lit by rivers of molten stone, flowing melodramatically down its sides. Though a winding path leads to the main gate, there are no signs of creatures that might use it.

In the southeast there is a forest, its trees leaved in silver and blinding in the sun. The breeze makes the wood stir like a living creature and from the belly of the beast a single plume of white smoke rises.

You turn to your party to discuss your next move and stub your boot against one of the blue stones that make up the landscape. A smear of blood stains your toe. The rock is bleeding. This place is weird.

The Abyss

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