Rude Awakening

Nightmares plague you. Loved ones dance in front of you with too many limbs or else too few. Childhood pets look to you for assurance, only to see your horrified face as they twist and morph into formless masses of flesh and fur. As you try to run from the maddening transformations you realize that your legs too are twisting. They become one huge, serpentine limb, ignoring your will. As your newest limb begins to strangle you, you wake.

Demon_Giraffe.jpg The soil you are laying on is red, not the rich brown of the North Pacific Kingdom, nor the permafrost of the South. It’s warm here, the same sticky heat that you grew to love and resent during your time in Mexico Land. Behind you, you hear movement followed by a low groan. Turning, you discover your friends sprawled out behind you in various degrees of wakefulness. But you’re not alone. Towering over your friends, illuminated by this places three strange suns, is trio of fanged, drooling, giraffes.

It takes a moment for you to digest the sight, but when you realize that one of the strange creatures is nibbling one of your friends, you realize that you must act.

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Rude Awakening

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