Leng Ship


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Today is a hot day in the Abyss. Yesterday was cold and tomorrow might be mild, but today, today is a very hot day.

Despite any magics or feats of endurance that have protected you and your cohorts in the past, no one seems able to escape the heat. You trudge, sweat dripping from your nose, through the plains and forests and hills of the Abyss. Ahead, someone opens their mouth to complain, for the fifth time, about the temperature, but they pause, mid-thought. Poised. You stop your march, peeling the shirt from your chest for a moments freedom from the cloying fabric. Usually, your friend’s pause would worry you, but today you almost hope something does jump out and take you. At least then it wouldn’t be so damn hot.

“There.” Your cohort breaks their silence and points skyward. Following their arm you feel your eyebrows creeping up your face. Above you and to the south floats a tall ship. Its sails appear to be full, though there is no breeze to offer relief. As near as you can tell, it does not seem to have noticed you.

You and your party share a significant look and smile. This should be good.

Leng Ship

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