The Dragon Lights

The Adventure Begins
Travelling in the Eating Hills


You and your companions have been travelling for a full fortnight, and your looking forward to leaving the Eating Hills and reaching the citadel tomorrow. The mild winter in Actora has kept the ground soft, and you have no trouble pitching your tent for the evening.

One of your companions coaxes a stubborn flame out of yesterday’s leftover firewood, but you’ll need to gather more before the night’s done. As is traditional you all draw straws for the job, and again to decide who must water the horses. You draw long both times and laugh, flopping down by the fire to warm your feet while the others move off, grumbling.

As you listen to the fire crackle and spit you draw a letter from your jacket, running your fingers over the cracked royal seal on its front. It reads:

Dear Heroes,

His royal highness would like to extend his thanks for your part in saving Mexico City from this horrid and untimely debacle. In gratitude, he would like to offer you, on behalf of the North Pacific Kingdom (NPK), an invitation to visit the Bastion of Actora.

Additionally, in recognition of your heroics, his benevolence would like to offer you a Locorum Quest, with all of the rewards and risks this implies. Regardless of whether you wish to accept we look forward to your visit.


Lucien Farewrite, Valet of his highness – Father of the Skies, Slayer of False Life, and Keeper of the Coins – King Majesty of the North Pacific Kingdom.

You close the letter and jerk your feet away from the fire as stray sparks come a little too close for comfort. Your comrades return from their drawn jobs and you smile, waving the letter at them. They return your grin and all of your gazes are drawn north, towards the citadel, and your Locorum Quest. Tomorrow is going to be an interesting day.

The Locorum Quest
Meeting Majesty

Not yet unlocked.

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