Hail adventurer and welcome to the campaign!

Those of you who have played in my stories know that I like to send adventurers to explore the lost places of the world. Whether it’s hunting uncivilized swamps to route out necromancy, stumbling upon hidden fairgrounds run by intelligent goblins, or falling deep into the center of Htrea to explore its depths, you can count on your characters facing the unknown. This is not about to change.

This time, we venture into the icy and inhospitable regions of the South Pacific Kingdom on the whim of a mighty king. The stakes will be higher than ever before with difficult combats, more treasure, and enemies of legend.

Can you work with your companions to quell superstitious uprisings in the south? Tame the violent warlords and their new allies? Can you build a civilization to stand the test of time?

Let’s find out!

The Dragon Lights